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Marvel, which is another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel, is definitely sort of in the works. W hen news circulated on Tuesday that Marvel was going to bring a Pakistani-American year-old girl, Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel , into its much-loved cinema universe, I was pleased on a number of counts. But mainly I was pleased for the world, because the world needs this movie. For far too long Muslims have been portrayed with suspicion , a threat, much-maligned and misunderstood. Now, finally, a Muslim is the heroine in a mainstream, going-to-be-watched-by-millions blockbuster. And a Muslim girl for that matter, a demographic often silenced; spoken about and not spoken to, and battling not only Islamophobia, but misogyny from outside their community and within. The stakes are high. People will see the film through a diversity-checking window — and in the post-Apu-from-the-Simpsons age — and even though the comics do an outstanding job of creating nuanced, funny and kickass characters, a Hollywood project ruining a fresh, original work is always a possibility. Just ask the person who designed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , setting a level in Karachi, Pakistan, and then putting all the street signs in Arabic when their language is Urdu because it seemed more Muslim-y read: So Marvel Studios, I have some suggestions:.

Soon the news spread across social media platforms and Muslims around the world were elated as Khan would be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU very soon. Many thought this would be inspiring to many young girls of Muslim origin and an important conversation starter. Many suggested Priyanka Chopra and it irked fans, as she is neither Pakistani, teenager or Muslim. The fact that people can only cite her just shows the scarcity of south asian women in mainstream media https: Repeat after me marvelstudios: KamalaKhan is an American-Pakistani, Muslim teenager. The move is significant as it means Marvel is planning to introduce its first Muslim superhero. Ms Marvel first made appearence in and then went onto become the first Muslim lead character in a Marvel comics.

In addition to typical teenager problems, the comic also addresses the difficulties facing Muslims in the USA today. First of all, because she is a woman and women are already underrepresented in comics. This is not the first time that Marvel Comics has attempted to promote a Muslim female superhero. Kamala Khan is no average Muslim teenager. A pubescent Muslim immigrant girl in the USA endowed with super powers? In addition, there is the general view in society that women, especially Muslim women, are marginalised," says Schlosser. According to Wilson, this is meant to reflect the fact than many Muslim women in America do not wear headscarves. The character was created by Marvel editors Sana Amanat and Steve Wacker, who came up with the idea after Amanat related anecdotes about her Muslim-American childhood.

Kamala is notable immediately for being a Pakistani American superhero, as well as being the first Muslim superhero to lead her very own comic. For all that Marvel's lady heroes remain relatively underrepresented on screen, they're pretty much exploding in the comics, with all kinds of badass women and lots of stories to choose from. The women on this list are conflicted with troubling backstories, or they're young and learning as they grow. In short, there are all different kinds of women who make all different kinds of heroes, and they're all wonderful in their own way.

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But rapid Muslim birth rates are not necessarily going to continue. The Pew Forum report projects that Europe will be eight per cent Muslim bya rise from six per cent today. Like Christianity, the worst enemy of Islam is the Muslims themselves. The Pew Forum projects in 20 years there will be million Muslims in Pakistan, million in Indonesia, million in India, million in Bangladesh and million in Nigeria. Why are Muslims tending to have more babies? What does it predict for Canada That the Muslim population of this country will triple byto 2. That means Canada will have a much higher percentage of Muslims than will the U. That in two decades Canada will have the second highest number of Muslims in all of North and South America, behind the United States and ahead of Argentina. Marvel is a Muslim teenager. But as the comic book industry has illustrated, even the most conservative of Muslims can be portrayed in a positive light. It remains difficult to find positive Muslim role models emerging in the form of film characters, despite the long history of influential Western Muslims. A teenage Muslim girl growing up in Jersey City, Kamala's mission is to attempt to put right the wrongs of the world. Having worked with young people for over a decade, the need for relatable role models — be they fictional like Kamala, or based in reality like Malala — is growing, particularly for young Muslim women. You would be forgiven for thinking of Malala Yousafzainow famous for advocating women's rights to education. As many Muslims are making a positive impact within the real world, it's a positive step that comic books should have heroes of the Muslim faith. Kamala joins a small but growing number of Muslim comic book superheroes.

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