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This support from kin may be particularly important for single mothers, i. Contrary to stereotypes about families in sub-Saharan Africa, the active kin network of single mothers is relatively small and nearly a fifth of mothers do not receive any financial or child care assistance. Similarly, the cultural expectations of strong ties among adult siblings render child care given by aunts and uncles preferable to that given by grandparents Weinreb Because less preferred kin typically assume child care responsibilities when more preferred kin are unwilling or unavailable, the increasing number of orphans residing with their maternal grandmothers has been interpreted as evidence of weakening kinship ties Foster, ; Nyambedha et al. Others have pointed to the declining importance of parents and kin in selecting a spouse for their sons and daughters Hakansson, ; Smith, Perhaps the most compelling evidence that kinship ties have weakened comes from research on the caregivers of AIDS orphans. If single mothers, like orphans, rely heavily on culturally less preferred kin to meet their daily financial and child care needs, then this may signal relatively weak kin networks. Single mothers often turn to their extended kin for financial assistance and to help with child care. Several characteristics of single mothers are likely to influence their need for financial support and supplemental child care. The first debate concerns the size and strength of kinship support networks among disadvantaged groups, including single-mother households. These findings offer a nuanced picture of how single women living in slum areas draw upon their kin network to cope with their daily demands as mothers.

The empirical findings in this paper report on a predominantly informal settlement named Bhambayi in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal, where 25 single mothers engaged in individual livelihood activities that included agricultural production, bead-making, catering, hairdressing, gardening and sewing. Even though these small-scale livelihood activities supplement the household income, they are insufficient to lift single mothers out of poverty. This study explores the economic experiences of 25 single mothers who embarked on individual livelihood activities. The paper concludes with some considerations for harnessing the valuable contributions made by single mothers. The research methodology highlights two qualitative approaches, including in-depth interviews and field observations to analyse the economic experiences of 25 single mothers. To add to this complexity, women who are single parents from impoverished communities face social and economic exclusion in both the first economy and second economy on the grounds of poverty as well as sexual discrimination Frye, Thabethe and Mathe's case study of rural women's experiences of a poultry project revealed that women do not enjoy substantial economic gains as a consequence of cultural, gender and class divisions.

In-depth interviews were used to explore the social support received from the natal family among women who experienced partner violence during pregnancy. Unmarried young mothers, together with their children, continue to live with and depend on their natal parents. The support provided by natal relatives was beneficial; however, maintaining the marriage for the care of children and family was given the highest priority, over separation. Women who experienced severe IPV during pregnancy were more likely to seek help from natal relatives. Women do increase their reliance on natal relatives, from what is common for women in this cultural setting, to seek the advice of their natal mothers and sisters during pregnancy and childbearing. Women who experienced partner violence preferred to seek help from their natal relatives. Despite the benefits of social support to women victims of violence during pregnancy, a majority of women hesitate to seek help and, if they do, they mainly turn to their natal relatives for support.

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We have offered a unique, invaluable service to families since the first Home-Start scheme was set up in Home-Start Bolton was founded nearly 24 years ago as an independent charity by parents and practitioners who wanted to provide support for parents during the formative years of a child's life. What we offer our families Families need support for many different reasons; social isolation finding it difficult to be a single parent a difficult divorce lack of support and encouragement from family and friends difficulties dealing with multiple births - twins, triplets or more the extra challenges posed by the physical or mental disability of the parent or the child finding it hard to cope with a recent bereavement post-natal depression We recognise that each family is unique and will have differing needs; they may be none of the above. Home-Start Bolton Home-Start Bolton was founded nearly 24 years ago as an independent charity by parents and practitioners who wanted to provide support for parents during the formative years of a child's life. Our volunteers are experienced local parents who wish to help other parents. Often, parents find themselves unable to cope with the stresses of everyday life when raising a child. We recruit and train volunteers, who are usually parents themselves, and then match the volunteer with a family. This paper explores the migration of infants born into households with their mother but not father in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; a setting where childcare arrangements are often dynamic and there have been increases in female internal migration and labour force participation. Our results strongly suggest that pre-natal in utero transmission of scrapie may have occurred in these sheep.

Natal Single Parents
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